70mm VQ Throttle adapter

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This billet conversion kit, allows for the installation for a 70mm Nissan VQ/VR flanged DBW throttle to DBW NSX inlet manifold.

Necessary for modern DBW control via standalone ECU, this adapter will fit a CTSC flange that take a stock NSX throttle.

This setup will also convert a non DBW NSX to DBW (blanking off the IACV)

Kit includes:

- Installation hardware, special hexbolts for the manifold and the throttle

- Gasket set for the throttle and the manifold.

- Billet adapter, With machined taper 70 mm > 64 mm NSX


- Different tapers (throttle diameter - manifold diameter)

- Extra ports (vacuum, methanol)



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USA / Canada:

Shipping costs, €35


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