Tubes d'admission de carbone

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High strength carbon fiber tube with reinforced flexible coupler to allow for engine movement.
These parts have been tested under real world racing conditions in GT-2 NSX and function perfectly without a hitch.
Provides a quicker more responsive boost from the solid components that do not balloon and expand like the OE style holes.


-Race proven to provide quicker crisper boost
-Replaces all factory radiator style hoses and worm clamps
-Aesthetically pleasing high strength carbon fiber tube
-Rigid 4 ply Kevlar® reinforced silicone couplers and hoses
-Constant tension spring load T-Bolt clamps
-Oil resistant Flourosilicone liner
-Reinforced multi-hump coupler to allow for engine movement
-Designed with latest CMM/CAD modeling, guaranteed perfect fitment

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