Elite Race Expansion Module (REM)

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The Race Expansion Module (REM) is used in conjunction with the Haltech Elite 2500 ECU to offer extra Input and Output functionally as well as Advanced Torque Management. Using the REM with the Elite 2500 allows sequential staged injection of up to 16 injectors, and will drive up to 32 injectors. The REM also has additional Analogue and Digital inputs which can be used for data acquisition as well as additional Digital outputs.

8 x Fuel Injection Outputs

4 x Digital Pulsed Outputs

4 x Digital Pulsed Outputs

4 x Digital Pulsed Inputs

8 x Analogue Voltage Inputs (with selectable Pull up)

2 x Buffered Analogue Voltage Inputs suitable for O2 Sensors

1 x Haltech CAN Connection

2 x System Synchronisation Pulsed Inputs

1 x System Synchronisation Watchdog Output

1 x Injection Relay Control Output

1 x 8VDC Injection Relay Conditioning Circuit Supply

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