Carbon fiber key

A.S. Motorsport
299 €
Excluding Tax
Stock Status: please contact us.

Custom laminated key,
A great way to recondition a damaged "blue" key for your GranTurismo, 4200GT or Quattroprote.

Price listed is for the lamination process on your existing key.
We can supply brand new genuine Maserati key pre cut to your chassis & mechanical lock code (The key fob would only need to be coded to your alarm system to be operative)

Shipping costs €13
USA / Canada:
Shipping costs €27

Shipping costs €35

Due to exchange rates and the fuel surcharge on shipments prices vary day to day. 
Therefore all prices listed on this site are purely indicative, generally they are right but may vary.

Please contact us we will advise and make a personal quotation.
Making sure that not only you have the optimal product but also the best service.

Since the cars we deal in are mostly hand made or customized there are a lot of specific variables. 

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